Farm-to-Fork Dinner 2017

Farm-to-Fork Dinner Connects South Dakotans Through Conversations and Local Foods

Hungry for Truth table with the event's featured dishes.

On June 15, urbanites and farmers from across South Dakota gathered on the farm for an evening of conversation and outdoor dining at the second annual Farm-to-Fork dinner. The event was hosted by Hungry for Truth to encourage open discussions about how food is grown and raised on the scenic Bones Hereford Ranch, Hexad Farms and MDM Farms near Parker.
South Dakotans gather on a local farm for Farm-to-Fork dinner.Guests enjoy appetizers and conversation.

The farm chic décor, cattle and calves in the pasture, historic barn and music by The Hegg Brothers created the perfect backdrop for summer dining. South Dakota blogger and mom Staci Perry noted how the location really set the tone for great conversations.
Guests enjoy drinks and conversation.Appetizer table.

“You could see the camaraderie among the farmers, and everyone was so excited to share stories about how they grow our food,” said Staci.

Guests share in conversation at Farm-to-Fork 2017.

Local farmers took time throughout the evening to thank attendees for coming and share their farm stories. They talked about animal care on their farms, why they might choose to grow GMO crops, and improved farm practices that benefit the environment.

Hungry for Truth Farm-to-Fork 2017.

“The most important thing on our farm is sustainability,” said Bradee Pazour, a cattle farmer from Pukwana who provided the beef for the appetizers. “My husband and I are raising our two boys on our farm, and one day we hope they may want to continue on the farming legacy. We are truly farming with the future in mind.”

Farmers chat with South Dakotans.

Kirsten Gjesdal, owner of Carrot Seed Kitchen in Brookings, said she had never been on an animal farm before, but enjoyed the ambience and educational tour of the Turner County Dairy prior to dinner.

Guests enjoy food and conversation at Farm-to-Fork 2017.

“It’s so nice to meet the real, actual farmers who raise the animals and see the farming processes,” said Kirsten. “It’s important to me to be able to see the farm where the animals are coming from, and these farmers were so open to talking about what they do and why they do it.”

Guests come together to share a meal at a large table on the farm.

The Farm-to-Fork dinner is just one of the ways Hungry for Truth connects South Dakotans with the people who grow their food. Special thanks to everyone who attended, and to Chef Jeni and Company, The Event Company, Flower Mill and The Sampson House for creating such an elegant and memorable night.

Mini pies and ice cream are served for dessert.

Of course the event wouldn’t be considered “Farm-to-Fork” without featuring some truly delicious local foods. In case you’re wondering what was on the menu, here’s a rundown of some of the tasty local fare:

Meat and cheese board and freshly baked bread.Meat and cheese table.Farm-to-Fork 2017 MenuDeviled eggs and other featured sides.

Don’t worry, if weren’t in attendance at the dinner, you can still find a lot of these local products by simply shopping at your grocery store. Peggy Greenway from Greenway Pork shared that the pork from her farm goes to Costco. If you buy pork at Costco, it very well could have been raised by her! You can also find Dimock Dairy and Dakota Layers at local Hy-Vee stores.

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