Dawn Scheier’s Rum & Nutmeg Christmas Cookies

We caught up with a local farmer, Dawn Scheier to take a tour of her family farm and get her Christmas cookies recipe.


DIY Soybean Candles for the Holidays

Elevate your gift-giving this year with DIY soybean candles.


Misleading Marketing in Holiday Dishes

We broke down common misleading marketing phrases you might find in your holiday meals.


3 Ways Soybean Asphalt Sealant is Beneficial

South Dakota soybean farmers are always searching for new ways to utilize soybeans in beneficial and sustainable ways.


Harvest Season with Jeff Thompson

Watch to hear Jeff explain how different farming equipment functions throughout harvest and what it means to finish a farming cycle.


Harvest w/ Farmer Dave Struck + a tasty stuffing recipe!

Harvest season is coming to a close and we caught up with one farmer to find out how the season went.


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Dawn Scheier’s Rum & Nutmeg Christmas Cookies

Family traditions are part of what makes the holiday season so special. We caught up with a local farmer, Dawn…

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