Raising Cattle: An Animal Love Story with Drew Peterson

Drew Peterson took us on a winter day in his life in keeping his cattle cozy and healthy.


Past, Present, and Future with Maddie Mack, Jordan Scott and Hungry for Truth

We connected SD native, Maddie Mack with soybean farmer, Jordan Scott of Valley Springs, SD to chat about generational farming, planting, and technology.


How Soybean Farming Has Evolved in South Dakota

What’s now a huge cash crop for South Dakota farmers has evolved quickly through only three generations of South Dakota farm families.


Reminiscing on Soybean Trips with Craig Converse

Craig Converse reminisced on some of his soybean trips and shared stories from the work he does in other countries for SD soybeans.


Why Buyers Love South Dakota Soybeans

South Dakota soybeans are successful worldwide among international buyers for a few key reasons.


How Well Do You Know Your Soy Foods?

There is a lot of everyday food you wouldn’t think would contain soy! See how many items you knew had soy.


About Us

Hungry for Truth is an initiative from South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council, the soybean checkoff organization, designed to open conversations about food between South Dakotans and the farmers who grow it.

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Raising Cattle: An Animal Love Story with Drew Peterson

The Peterson family farm has been around in South Dakota for 120 years now and it has progressed in that…

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Across the Table

Across the Table is a video series focused on bringing you the facts on hot topics around food and farming in South Dakota. Join us each episode as we share a delicious recipe, talk to a local farmer and answer questions from fellow South Dakotans.

Conversation Topics

Dig deeper into these key areas that affect the food that South Dakotans are eating and the producers that provide it.