Hungry for Truth Farm to Fork Dinner 2016

#TBT to Warm Weather and Sun at Our Farm-to-Fork Dinner

We’re daydreaming of warmer days and our beautiful Farm-to-Fork Dinner from last summer! It was such a fun night connecting the food on our table back to the farm and hearing from local farmers about how they raise their crops and livestock. Today, check out a few more photos from that amazing night and pretend like we’re still enjoying the summer breeze and sunshine. You can see a full recap of the event here and read Sioux Falls blogger Kaylee Koch’s post about her experience at Apple of My Ivy.

P.S. We will host our second annual farm-to-fork dinner again this summer, so be on the lookout for more info this spring!

Guests enjoy good food and conversation on a local South Dakota farm. The hosts' farmhouse. Vintage Farmall tractor on the local farm. The Event Company setting up the beautiful decor. Volunteers carrying the signature Hungry for Truth table. Volunteers prepare the farm for the dinner. The sun shines on the farm.  Guests arrive at the event.  A red tractor passes by. Table with beautiful place settings ready for guests to enjoy their meal. Centerpieces of greenery and candles. Guests sample appetizers.  Appetizers are served. Guests enjoy their meal with a view of beautiful, green soybean fields. The meal featured on the Hungry for Truth table. A closeup of the featured meal. Refreshing citrus-infused drinks. Guests eating and chatting. Guests eating and chatting at Farm-to-Fork 2016.  Strings of decorative lights against tall pine trees. Appetizers and centerpieces. Guests enjoying a glass of wine and conversation. South Dakota farmers Paul Casper and Morgan and Jason Kontz. South Dakota farmers John Horter and Peggy.  Guests mingling among the cocktail tables.  Guests raise their glasses for a toast to another great year of Farm-to-Fork.  Guests listen to a speaker. A local duo playing music.  Ice cream sundae bar. Guests build their ice cream sundaes. Guests enjoy music and conversation.  Hungry for Truth Farm-to-Fork Dinner 2016  Guests mingle on the local farm. Guests share in conversation, enjoying drinks and appetizers.