Dane’s Crop Report: Digging Into Planting

Our favorite crop reporter and farmer is back with a brand new planting update! Dane “farms” with his dad by Andover, and is delivering his latest update straight from the field.

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We know farmers are hustling to plant their soybean and corn fields for the season, but what all goes into the process? Dane explores the technology they use to prevent seed waste, regulate how fast they drive and monitor how many acres they cover in a day. Does having a tablet in the tractor cab also mean they watch Netflix while they work? Let’s find out!

Now it’s time to head out to the field. Dane explains why soybean seeds aren’t the color you’d expect and how everyone works together as a team to get their crops off to a healthy start. Planting soybeans is just the beginning. The Horters also use a piece of equipment called a land roller to roll over the ground, making it more level and reducing equipment damage from rocks. Then they spray a pre-emergence herbicide to protect young plants from weeds.

Since they just planted soybeans, there isn’t much growth to see, but the corn is starting to sprout. Dane tells us how long that takes and why farmers make sure their plants are evenly spaced. It looks like the corn loves the sunshine just as much as we do.

Planting can be a hectic time for many farm families, but it’s also a favorite. The start of another growing season means the opportunity to grow food for families and animals in South Dakota.

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