Benefits of Beef with Kevin Deinert

The benefits of beef are something to be celebrated during National Beef Month! We learned more about the benefits of beef from Kevin Deinert who raises beef cattle with his brother and father on their family farm in Mount Vernon.

Benefits of Beef: A Nutrient-Packed Protein


Beef is one of the most nutritional types of food you can eat, Kevin said. It provides nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D,  magnesium, potassium, and more.

“It has a lot of different nutrients and vitamins that you need in your gut, that’s all packed into a little bite,” Kevin said.

A serving of beef can help provide some of your daily needed nutrients, vitamins, and protein all while tasting great!


You also have some choices when it comes to beef. Lean beef can provide an even healthier option that can be mixed into your diet and other beef consumption. Some lean beef cuts include tenderloin steak, strip steak, and lean ground beef.

Versatility and the Benefits of Beef

There are so many ways to incorporate beef into your diet since it’s so versatile.

“Beef compliments a lot of meals and vegetables,” Kevin said. “Hamburger would be your most versatile type of meat since you incorporate it into a lot of different dishes.”



If you’re looking for some new beef recipes, check out the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association website for beef cooking lessons and recipes.

Kevin said his family eats beef as much as they can and if he could, he’d eat it every day!

Beef Is a Sustainable Option

Farmers who raise beef often grow soybeans as well. Soybeans can be used to feed and bed cattle, meaning all the sustainable choices that go into growing soybeans go into raising beef as well.


Kevin said while soybeans aren’t always the primary food source for beef, it’s used as a great additive to their feed.

Beef Is Raised By Families

Most farms in South Dakota are family-owned and have been passed on from generation to generation. That means your beef is coming from families that care and have put in lots of hard work to provide food for their state.

Healthy Beef

“A lot of people see the end product…they don’t see the people out there working every day to provide food for everybody,” Kevin explained. “We’re out here doing our best to provide a safe and healthy alternative to whatever people want to eat.”

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