Amanda caring for a group of piglets.

What South Dakota Farmers Love About Farming?

It’s the middle of February, and you know what that means. Love is in the air! Flowers! Chocolates! Fields? Tractors?

Farmers love what they do all year long, but this Valentine’s Day, we asked some local farmers to share the love and tell us what fills their hearts when it comes to farming. Here’s what they said:

Colin laughs while monitoring the crops in his South Dakota soybean field.“I love all of the different individual jobs that make up farming because almost everyday I get to do something different! I love every year trying to figure out how to grow a bigger and better crop that is both safe and efficient.” – Colin Nachtigal, farmer from Harrold, S.D.

Amanda holding a young piglet.“I love farming because it is my favorite way to spend time with my loved ones. There is nothing more enjoyable than farming with your family. Growing up, I was responsible for helping take care of animals, which was my favorite responsibility. Working with calves and piglets, I developed a passion for animals and now I work with animals and farmers every single day.” – Amanda Eben, animal specialist from northwest Iowa

Dawn and Patrick Scheier in front of their tractor.“Farming is enjoyable because you plant the seeds and nurture them until harvest. I love working alongside my family to grow our crops. Most of us all want the same thing in life: good health, happiness and family.” – Dawn Scheier, farmer from Salem, S.D.

Morgan Kontz and her family on their farm in South Dakota.“What I love about farming is being able to share my passion with my husband every single day. I love being able to raise our children on the land we love and to instill in them the values of hard work and dedication that come with being a part of American agriculture.” – Morgan Kontz, farmer from Colman, S.D.

Peggy and her husband Brad Greenway.“I love farming because I’m proud to be part of a wonderful team of people from a diverse industry that is responsible for growing, processing and providing nutritious, tasty and affordable food to consumers. Also, I enjoy the variety of things going on at our diversified farm, being able to work with my husband and getting to spend time outside.” – Peggy Greenway, farmer from Mitchell, S.D.

What do you love about farming or food? Share with us in the comments below.