How Well Do You Know Your Soy Foods?

There is a lot of everyday food you wouldn’t think would contain soy! Turns out, soy helps make some of our favorite foods just the way we love them. Let’s see how many soy foods you know.

Hershey’s Chocolate Bar


Everyone’s favorite chocolate bar for eating and smores-making contains soy! Soy lecithin is added to Hershey’s chocolate bars and it’s made from soybean oil. It’s added to Hershey’s chocolate in order to prevent the cocoa and cocoa butter from separating.

Country Time Lemonade


Soy lecithin can also be found in this refreshing summertime drink! It also helps keep the ingredients in the lemonade mix from separating. Soy lecithin can also act as a flavor protector, so your lemonade mix stays tasty while it sits in your pantry!

Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum

Some of us can’t live without chewing gum. Turns out, you can thank soy for your fresh breath! Soy lecithin is also used in chewing gum. It acts as a preservative to help increase shelf life,  and keep the gum’s coating from sticking to the package.


Some people are mistrustful of soy lecithin, but claims of it being harmful for consumption aren’t backed up by any concrete evidence. Although it may be in a lot of items we consume, it’s present in such small amounts that it’s highly unlikely to be detrimental as well. Even people who are allergic to soy are able to consume soy lecithin without issue.

How well did you know your soy foods? We’re curious if you knew that any of these items had soy in them. Let us know in the comments! For more reading on how soy is present in our everyday lives, read our blog Soybeans on The Road.