Sadie Swier with Dave Iverson

Prepping for Harvest with Sadie Swier & the Iversons

Having open conversations about food and farming with South Dakotans and the farmers who grow it is what we do. In fact, that’s what Hungry for Truth is all about. We had an exciting opportunity to connect Sadie Swier, Director at SD CEO East Women’s Business Center, with Dave Iverson, a farmer from Astoria, S.D., to chat about sustainability, crops, and what a day on the farm looks like preparing for the harvest season. Below, Sadie is sharing her perspective of her recent South Dakota farm visit. 

Sadie Swier driving Dave Iverson in the tracker

In my “long” 26 years of being alive, I’ve prided myself in being a born and raised South Dakotan with a deep-rooted respect for our state and especially our agriculture community.  Yet after this visit with Hungry to Truth to Dave & Miriam Iverson’s Farm in Astoria, SD, my reverence grew for an industry that’s vital to our state, nation, and world. I learned more about our state’s agriculture community, addressed stereotypes, made my first TikTok, and much more!

Here are my top five takeaways that changed my perspective of the agriculture industry and its technology, during my visit to the Iverson family farm in Astoria, SD, with Hungry for Truth. 

soybean field

Dave Iverson in the corn field (left), and windmill with the sky and clouds (right)

Agriculture is more than just the food on our tables.

 Let’s be honest; I learned the definition of a commodity. I loved the conversation we had about the supply and demand of soybeans and corn around our state, nation, and worldwide and how it affects the farmers in our communities. 

Soybeans are used in so many different ways, and there’s research to help create more uses.

I even learned Dave’s shoes were made of soybeans! 

Agriculture is constantly changing, and we have to work together.

Dave described the different entities that promote and make decisions around the soybean industry while staying relevant to the market. This made me realize how important these kinds of programs are to promote the use of these ag materials!

Farmers and farm families are incredibly resilient.

Dave and Miriam were open about the many ways a farmer’s mental health is tested. With the uncertainty of the weather, commodity prices, and isolation, there’s a certain grit people in agriculture have, but we still need to encourage our community members to ask for help. Just a reminder about the Farm and Rural Stress Line 1-800-691-4336

Farmers know so much!

Dave’s knowledge is expansive about many aspects of a farm. From the certain dent in the corn to start harvesting, the technology used to combine, fix up the equipment, make business decisions about when to sell grains, the science in planting, and so much more. As he taught us more about the little oxygen nodules on a soybean plant, it was clear he was an expert.

Farming technology and innovation are changing the way we farm.

As I sat in the driver seat of the combine, Dave showed me the variety of functions and data management just from this one piece of farm equipment. I loved learning about the innovative ways technology has adapted to farmers and precision agriculture over the generations. Dave also explained his mindset for not only sustainable farming practices but also how actually to improve the land and not just sustain it. 

Bonus: I learned how to make a TikTok! Check it out here.

Sadie Swier and Dave Iverson laughing with lemonade on the porch

Miriam and Sadie walking in the garden (left), Prairie Rose Cottage (right)

What struck me during my visit was the absolute beauty while walking through the corn and soybean fields. Dave and Miriam Iverson are true caretakers of the land, not just for our state, nation, and the world right now but for future generations.  It was an honor to visit the Iverson family farm with Hungry for Truth, and it permanently changed my perspective on the South Dakota agriculture industry.  Lastly, go thank a farmer!

Sadie Swier in the field taking a picture on her phone.

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