New uses of soy

New Uses for Soy: It’s Probably More Than You Think!

You may not know it, but you’re probably using soy in more ways than you think. You don’t have to ask for soy milk in your lattes or reach for tofu in the grocery aisles to take advantage of the many uses for soy. From snacks, oils, and furniture coverings: soy is moving beyond the food we eat

Why is soy so great?  It’s readily available and grown right here in South Dakota and throughout the United States. There’s an abundant supply, plus, it’s affordable!

If you’re not familiar with the many new uses for soy, take a look for yourself:

There are new uses for soy in our favorite go-to snacks. The next time you reach for a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a few (or maybe a whole row) of Oreos, and even certain peanut butter brands, you can thank soy.

Soy is in more than just the foods we eat. There are most likely items lying around your house that contain soy. Have you ever heard of soy nail polish remover? Soy nail polish remover can be used as a gentler alternative to regular nail polish remover. It also reduces the number of chemicals you are placing on your nails. 

In the market for a new sofa? Soy can help! Soybean-based foam is popping up in chairs and sofas as retailers look to cater to more environmentally aware customers. That also goes for different types of carpet fabrication, auto upholstery, and even concrete sealants. From the steps we take to the surfaces we sit on, soy is here for that. 

Even our children’s classrooms use soy! You’ll find soy in brands of washable markers. Speaking of the classroom, the next time your child’s class learns about the Statue of Liberty, don’t forget to ask about soybean oil. The Statue of Liberty staff uses soybean oil to lubricate their elevators. 

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