Farmer safely applies pesticides to protect soybean plants.

How Farmers Protect Crops and the Environment

For more than four generations, the Casper family has grown soybeans and corn near Lake Preston. Paul and his wife Korlyn use sustainable practices to take care of their land and water so they can pass it along to their children and grandchildren. This includes safely and responsibly applying pesticides to protect crops.

Certification is key. Like other farmers, Paul must go through training to determine how much and when to apply. You might be surprised to know that the amount of pesticide used on an acre of crops, approximately the size of a football field, is roughly equivalent to a large cup of coffee. By using less, today’s farmers are doing more for the environment.

Hear why taking care of the land is so important to Paul and his family.

Safety is the first step in pesticide application. What are the others? Get the scoop.