John Horter with his kids on their South Dakota farm.

What’s the best part of raising kids on the farm?

It’s Father’s Day, and we want to give a special shout out to all the farm fathers in South Dakota and beyond. Thank you for all you do for your families. To celebrate, we visited with some of our favorite farm dads to see what the best part is about the job.

John smiles with his two kids on their South Dakota farm.


“The best part of being a farm dad is watching your kids grow up on the farm. There is nothing more rewarding than teaching them the values of hard work and pride. My kids are the sixth generation on our farm, and I’m proud to pass on to them what was taught to me by previous generations.” – John Horter, farmer and father of two from Andover


Josh and his four children.

“The best part of being a farm dad is spending time with the family even when I’m working and knowing I’m leaving a legacy for my children.” – Josh Kayser, farmer and father of four from Emery.


Colin smiles for a selfie with his young daughter from the cab of a tractor.

“Even though my daughter is only 5 months old, she is so interested. She looks around at everything when she rides along in our farm equipment. As she grows up, it will be fun to teach her what I do on the farm. I look forward to all of the ‘But why?’ questions. I learned a lot of what I know riding with my dad and look forward to passing my knowledge on to my children. That is what makes family farms so great.” – Colin Nachtigal, farmer and father of one from Harrold