South Dakota animal specialist Amanda Even.

What is sustainability?

For local animal specialist Amanda Eben, farming is all about family. Growing up on a family farm just over the border in Iowa, she was always surrounded by her siblings and helping her parents out with chores. Her parents’ goal, along with many farmers like them, is to keep the farm in the family, which means farming sustainably. It means protecting resources in order to keep their farm in the family for generations to come. We asked Amanda what sustainability means to her, and here is what she had to say.

Research and technology have brought continuous improvements to farming practices so today’s farmers can grow crops using less land and fewer inputs.

“Farmers do many things differently today than they did in past generations,” Amanda said. “When I was younger, we fed our pigs in dirt lots and in wooden A-frames outside. Today, we use a larger enclosed building that allows our animals to be kept safe from diseases and predators, and allows us to monitor their environment to keep them comfortable and happy.”

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