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Various seeds laid in the soil.

Sustainability Made Simple

Since the first farmers settled their land, all farmers have had one goal in common: Keep the farm working and…

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Young soybean plants on the Kontz family farm.

Finding the Similarities Between Gardening and Field Crops

Many of us are taking advantage of the last few warm days of the year, and getting our hands dirty…

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All About Planting

No doubt you have seen tractors out in the fields during spring planting, but do you know what they’re doing…

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Hungry for Truth Food Choices

Digging Deep to Find the Facts About Food Choices

The choice of what to feed our families is growing. There are health claims for everything from natural to organic…

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Hungry for Truth Farm to Fork Dinner 2018

The Making of the Hungry for Truth Table

The dinner table is a time-honored tradition of being the place where family and friends share in food, fellowship and…

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