Various seeds laid in the soil.

Sustainability Made Simple

Since the first farmers settled their land, all farmers have had one goal in common: Keep the farm working and viable for as long as possible. In other words: sustainability. For many, this means keeping the farm in the family for generations to come.

Take it from Amanda Eben, an animal specialist who grew up on a farm. “Sustainability means passing on the family farm from one generation to the next. My dad was given the farm from my grandpa, who was given the farm from his dad. In order to keep our family farm viable for years to come, we have to treat it properly, so we can use those natural resources in future generations,” she said.

These simple visuals will help you learn more about what farmers are doing to farm sustainably. Feel free to share on your social media!

Three Practices Farmers Use to Improve the Land
Farmers use conservation tillage practices on 63% of U.S. farmland.
Farmers have decreased soil erosion on farmland by 50% since 1982.