Serendipitous Events Co-Owner, Loghin Welch Brings the Party to the Farm!

Having open conversations about food and farming with South Dakotans and the farmers who grow it is what we do. In fact, that’s what Hungry for Truth is all about. We had an exciting opportunity to connect Loghin Welch, co-owner of Serendipitous Events, with John Horter from Andover, South Dakota to chat about farming, calving,  and what a day on the farm looks like during planting season. Below, Loghin is sharing her perspective of her recent South Dakota farm visit. 

Growing up in South Dakota & having roots in a small town, you think you know a lot about farming & country life. However, actually spending time on the farm during the work day is eye-opening. I had the pleasure of experiencing a day in the life of John Horter of Andover, SD. My visit to his farm & community was a great way to spend a nice South Dakota day. I learned a ton & it definitely deepened my appreciation for our local farmers.

John has quite the farming operation and is a 5th generation farmer. Not only does he run the farm, but he also has a couple of other businesses. I was very impressed with John’s passion & drive to help his small community by owning a farm supply store in Bristol, SD. John also invented a tractor accessory to help protect farmers & their equipment- The Rock Block.

 When I arrived at the farm, John said he had a busy day & a lot of different tasks to complete. He had an employee in the field planting crops. He also had cattle needing to be sorted.

First, we went to some of his land to wait for the cattle. I was in heaven with the sheep, horses, cows, & dog while we waited. He had a truckload of heifers he bought, delivered to the pasture. The heifers were one year old & being bred for the first time. I had never seen cattle be unloaded into the pasture that up close before. It was fun to be right there in the action. I was surprised how quickly it actually went emptying the semi truck. After the heifers were put in the pasture, they unloaded three bulls so breeding can happen. The bulls he put with the heifers were yearlings that John had just purchased.

John had one of his employees in the field planting corn that we needed to visit after the cattle were moved. I had no idea how precise the planting of crops is. The seeds are planted 6-7 inches apart from one other. I also didn’t know that the seeds are treated to protect against different insects, etc., and the seed can be a variety of colors prior to planting. We brought over a semi to reload the liquid fertilizer so he could continue planting. This process takes about 15 minutes to complete.

After we were done with some tasks we went into town where John owns a farm supply store. It’s located in Bristol, SD, and is called “Horter’s Farm & Ranch Supply”. He has all the essentials for the local farmers to purchase from & has a great manager who loves what he does. It was so fun getting to see all the projects they have going on in the shop.

Along with the farm supply, this store is also home to The Rock Block. This is definitely a project that John is very passionate about & something that seems very needed for every farmer. Having protection from rocks and debris to prevent shattered tractor cab windows and personal injury is such a win for farmers.

South Dakota should be proud of farmers like John who are continuing to work hard to provide for our world. The job farmers have can’t be easy but I now have a much greater appreciation for the work they do.  Make sure to thank your farmers & ask them questions to learn more about their careers. I know I am thankful!

Loghin Welch is the co-owner of Serendipitous Events in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Their goal is to take your event, your ideas, your vision, and make it into a reality with your signature style. To learn more about Loghin connect with her via:

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