ROAD TRIP! Five Travel Tips for a Successful Summer Adventure

Admit it: There’s something thrilling about hitting the open road and embracing the adventure that comes along with a summer road trip, regardless of where you’re headed. If you decide to stay in-state, there’s plenty to see according to the South Dakota’s Department of Tourism’s good time guides. While travel any distance can provide unforgettable memories and valuable family time, road trips can sometimes be difficult to plan.

Don’t worry. We have you covered. Follow these simple tips to help you minimize clutter and ensure a comfortable and safe ride for your crew.

Snack Smart

It’s certainly not a real road trip without the snacks! If there is one key to keeping a crowded car happy, it’s food. Be sure to pack portable snacks that will minimize messy crumbs and spills. Keep your crew well fueled by offering healthy options like trail mixes, roasted soy nuts, and chopped fruit or vegetables.

Travelling with food in the hot summer sun can be tricky as it’s important to keep it safe and cool. However, with proper planning and these great cooler tips, packing food safely is a snap. Choose the most efficient cooler size possible to keep food colder longer and save space in the car. Also, use frozen water bottles instead of ice to minimize excess water and double as a cold drink for later.

Engage and Entertain

Arguably just as important as the snacks, is crafting the ultimate road trip playlist. Long car rides offer great opportunities for naps and enjoying the wide-open spaces of the countryside, but watching trees and fields pass is only interesting for so long. Make sure to bring along some entertainment like personalized playlists or portable DVD monitors.

You can also engage your travelers by researching the areas you pass through on your phone, or playing games while you road trip. You might be surprised what you can learn about the passing farms and attractions. Did know 98 percent of farms in South Dakota are family owned? More than 2,000 have been in the same family for more than 100 years. Also, be on the lookout for cattle and bison. South Dakota farmers raise more beef cattle than any other commodity and lead the country in bison farming. It’s likely you’ll pass corn and soybean fields. They are South Dakota’s top field crops.

Be strategic

When creating your packing list and picking out your luggage, be strategic. Be realistic about what you will actually use and do your best to pack light. Who really needs six pairs of socks for a two-night stay? Choose luggage, like duffle bags, that is flexible when stacking and create a system for organization that will make things easy to access on the go.

Think safety

Road trips are an inexpensive way to travel when you have your squad in tow. However, there are some risks you should always be ready for. A flat tire or dead battery can really put a damper on the trip, so think ahead and make sure your spare tire and jumper cables are ready to go when the time comes. There’s nothing worse than being stranded waiting for a tow truck, burning valuable hours you could be poolside or relaxing on the boat.

Keep cozy

Sitting for hours isn’t a comfortable situation for most people, especially for young, active passengers. Keep cozy in the car by packing small throw pillows and blankets for passengers. Plan to make stops every two to three hours so everyone can stretch their legs and burn off energy. It’s human nature to want to move around a bit. You can either take control of the situation and prep for it, or you can spend a fair amount of time turning around, reaching into the back seat and trying to break up WrestleMania 2017.

Before soybeans and other locally grown foods get to your table, they go on their own road trips to get from the farm to your fork. Learn more about their journey here.

Do you have any creative road trip hacks to share? Tell us how you make travels memorable and fun in the comments below.