Hungry for Truth Heads to Your TV Screen

You might see the famous Hungry for Truth table in some familiar spots around South Dakota on your TV screens this fall. From the beginning, the table has been a focal point of Hungry for Truth. In many homes, the kitchen table is where most conversations occur, and family and friends are food and fellowship. In the newest Hungry for Truth commercial, the table journeys across South Dakota and shows the connections made with fellow South Dakotans.

The Horter family, who farm in Andover, are featured in the commercial sitting around the table having meaningful discussions with another family about food, farming and everything in between. John’s wife, Jaclyn, and their two children joined in for the Hollywood treatment.


John laughs with his daughter at the table.


Jaclyn and Dane enjoy the meal together.


The Horter family smile for a photo together on set.


“It was an interesting experience because we’ve never been involved in something like this,” said John. “It was a new experience for me, having make up done, wardrobe … I’ll tell you that.”

John says life ended up imitating art on the set. Sitting around the table with their fellow South Dakota family, they had conversations about where our food comes from and what life is like on the farm.

“In between takes, we talked about our farm, and they had a lot of questions. We loved sharing our story and learned things from them too. Being on the farm all the time, it’s nice to hear the perspective of people outside of that life. After all, we all have to eat.”


The Hungry for Truth table featured in the commercial.



The meal featured in the commercial.


The place settings featured in the commercial.
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“This commercial is about connecting with South Dakotans and hopefully enticing them to talk with a farmer, finding out more on our website or engaging with us on social media,” said John. “Today, not many people grew up on farms or have family who farm, so it’s important for people to have a real person to connect to. We want to talk with people every day about how food gets from our farm to their table. We want everyone to know the way it really works and understand why we make the choices we do. We’re putting the same food on our family’s table.”


The actors and the Horter family enjoy the meal together.

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