What you need to know about GMOs

GMOs 101: What You Need To Know

With all the buzz about GMOs, it seems like they are everywhere, but did you know you’d actually only find 10 GMO crops currently available in the United States? Alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, papaya, soybeans, squash, sugar beets, Arctic® apples and Innate™ potatoes are all grown in the U.S., but only a few are whole foods you’ll find in the store today. Others can be found as an ingredient in different products.

GMO stands for genetically modified organism. GMO plants have naturally existing genes added to them in order to achieve a favorable characteristic. Regardless of whether a food is a GMO or non-GMO, you can rest assured your choice is safe and nutritious.

Here are some fast facts you should know about GMOs:

Fast facts about GMOs and their safety.

Want to learn more about GMOs? Watch this video for an explanation from a local dietitian about how GMOs affect the foods we eat. Or, check out this infographic for an inside peek at the GMO approval process.