The meal served at Hungry For Truth Farm-to-Fork Dinner 2016

Gathered Together on the Farm

On the evening of June 23, community leaders and local farmers came together for an enlightening evening on the farm. It was perfect place to learn about your food and its connection to farming. The community came together to share a meal and conversations about food and how it’s raised.

The Thompson Farm in Colton, South Dakota, set the scene for the Farm-to-Fork Dinner where guests talked with farmers about how food makes its way from their farms to the table. They discussed topics like GMOs, pesticides, organic and conventional farming, sustainability and much more. Many guests shared that they left the experience feeling a stronger connection to the people who grow and raise their food.

What would you like to learn about farming? We would be happy to connect you with a local farmer or answer any of your food or farming questions. Just leave us a note in the comments section.

You can learn more about our Farm-to-Fork Dinner here.