A Christmas Message from South Dakota Farm Families

Every Season Is an Opportunity to Improve

‘Tis the season to reflect on the blessings of the past year. As farm families gather near the tree and around the table, they are thinking about more than just opening gifts and spending time with loved ones. They’re looking back on the growing season and making decisions about how to improve their farm and your food for the future.

Local farm family baking together in the kitchen.

The truth is South Dakota farmers think about your family almost as much as they think of their own. Growing food that’s healthy, safe and sustainable requires constantly evaluating current practices and persistently seeking new ways to take care of the soil and water down the road.

That’s why more and more farmers use technology to track everything happening on their farms. From planting the right amount of seeds to applying fertilizer and pesticides in a safe way, technology helps farmers do things right while getting the job done. In fact, today’s soybean farmers grow 46 percent more soybeans than they did 30 years ago on 40 percent less land. They also use fewer resources like energy and water, while providing more protection for the soil. Get the facts.

As we all look ahead to the opportunities of a new year, South Dakota farmers wanted to say thank you for spending time with their families and learning more about what they do as part of Hungry for Truth.

Baking is a holiday tradition shared by many in South Dakota. Take a look at how Josh and Kara Kayser use it as an opportunity to help their children learn where food comes from.