Hungry for Truth Dane's Crop Report

Dane’s Crop Report: Spraying Smart

Dane’s back in the fields, and he’s taking a quick break from planting to explain how they use pesticides on his family’s farm. Dane and his dad, John, apply pesticides to protect soybean and corn crops from weeds, insects and diseases.

Like many South Dakota farmers, the Horters spray a pre-emergence herbicide to keep weeds from growing immediately after planting. This helps prevent problems throughout the growing season. Safety is important so they mix the herbicide with water according to label instructions. They use the precision technology in their sprayer to apply just the right amount.

How much do they use? How big is an acre? What is auto-steer? Dane answers all those questions and more in our latest crop report video.

Cheers to spraying smart! Interested in hearing what happens on the farm during planting season in South Dakota? Watch our pint-sized reporter to learn more.

Hungry for Truth is an initiative about food and farming funded by the South Dakota soybean checkoff. The goal is to connect South Dakotans with the farmers who grow and raise their food.