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Conversation Kitchen with Chef Ellen

If you’re worried about how to personalize your menu when cooking for your family or for a crowd, don’t worry! Personal Chef Ellen Doerr can help you meal prep and cook with soy easily. Whether you have dietary restrictions or just need to grab a delicious meal that everyone asks for seconds, Chef Ellen in Sioux Falls has you covered!

Chef Ellen

In this episode of Hungry For Truth’s Conversation Kitchen, Personal Chef and Founder, Ellen Doerr of Chef Ellen, joins us to talk about cooking with soy in the form of tofu and soy milk! She chats about different ways you can easily incorporate soy into your meals at home, how she got started working as a personal chef and more!

You can watch the full episode of Conversation Kitchen cooking show to see what’s cooking in the kitchen!

To see more from Chef Ellen, follow her page on Instagram and Facebook, or visit her website here. To learn more about cooking with edamame, read our blog, Health Benefits of Soy and for another delicious dessert option incorporating soy milk, check out our recipe for Soy Chocolate Coffee Cake.