Community Guidelines

We, as South Dakota soybean farmers, want to put it all on the table so people can understand how family farmers raise the good food all of us eat. People have more questions than ever about their food, and we are here to answer them. It’s important for people to know what we do on the farm to produce the safe food we all eat. But conversation should not be a one-way street. Farmers want to understand people’s concerns in order to answer their questions.

Everyone is welcome to participate in asking questions and generating conversations about topics relating to food production and agriculture.

We know many people hold strong beliefs relating to these topics and we appreciate all points of view. However, we want to ensure that the conversations occurring on our community pages are appropriate for all audiences.

Here are a few guidelines we will follow on our website and all social media channels. Others should take these into consideration when commenting on our pages and posts.

  • No profane, offensive or violent language
  • No “trolling,” or posting deliberately disruptive statements
  • No attacks on groups or individuals meant to harass, threaten or abuse

Thank you for your participation in South Dakota Soybean’s Hungry For Truth initiative!