Celebrate Earth Day: 5 Things to Do at Home

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we brainstormed 5 ways you can celebrate Earth Day from home this year. Give back to Mother Nature this year with some easy, sustainable activities anyone can do!

1. Create or Re-Organize Your Home’s Recycling System

On average, Americans only recycle about 34% of their waste. If you don’t already have a recycling system at home, Earth Day is the best day to create one! You can start by making bins for plastic, cans, and paper/cardboard. Find more about what can and can’t be recycled here.

If you already recycle at home, consider how you can improve your efforts and if there are ways you can expand your system. For instance, you could start a composting pile with kitchen scraps that can later be used in your soil!


2. Find Old Clothes to Donate

Most of us have old clothing we don’t wear anymore taking up space in our closet. Instead of throwing it away, go through your clothes and make a donation pile to bring to your local thrift store.

Donating your clothes can give them new life for someone else to use and reduce the demand for new clothing. It also cuts down on the number of clothes taking up space in landfills.

3. Go Paperless to Celebrate Earth Day


Nobody likes junk mail! Knock out two birds with one stone and opt-out of junk mail and phone books. You’ll cut down on your paper trail and will save time sorting through the mail. Find out how to opt out here.

You can also reduce your paper trail by paying your bills online! Check with your bank and other places you pay bills to see if you can switch to online bill-pay.

4. Fix Leaks in Your Home

Have a leak you’ve been procrastinating fixing? It’s estimated that leaks waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide! Take Earth Day to check for and fix any leaks inside and outside your house to cut down on your water waste.


5. Share How You Celebrate Earth Day Online

Share your Earth Day efforts on your social media pages with the #earthday and encourage your followers to join in the sustainability fun! Make sure to tag us @hungryfortruthsd so we can see how you celebrate Earth Day too.

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