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The food and farming landscape is constantly changing. From food safety to GMOs, you want to be sure you’re up to date on the latest in food and farming so you can make the right choices for yourself and your family.

Precision Agriculture: How the Industry Helps Farmers

Precision agriculture is an ever-changing industry that is helping our farmers to be as efficient and profitable as possible. We…

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Food Safety Tips: Rinsing Fruits and Veggies

Wash Away Your Worries About Pesticide Residues On Produce

Pesticide residues on your food can be a scary thought. Maybe the topic crossed your mind while making dinner or…

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How Farmers Apply Pesticides in Four Steps

We recently asked the question: What would you do if you drove by a field and saw a farmer spraying…

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Waldorf Salad for National Dairy Month

In honor of National Dairy Month we’ve got a delicious waldorf salad recipe for you from Midwest Dairy. It is…

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Farm to Table: Milk’s Journey and Process

Farm-to-table journeys are fascinating to learn about. In honor of National Dairy Month, we dived into the farm-to-table journey of…

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The Importance of Family and Farming

In honor of Father’s Day, farmer and South Dakota Soybean President, Jordan Scott, with Scott Family Farms, discusses the importance…

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Renewable Energy Sources in the News: Biodiesel

Renewable energy sources are crucial to combatting climate change and living sustainably. Biodiesel is one of those renewable energy sources…

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Beef Tostadas Recipe for National Beef Month

Beef tostadas are how we’re celebrating National Beef Month! We partnered up with the South Dakota Beef Industry Council to make…

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Soil Health: How It Helps Combat Climate Change

Soil health is an important factor for successful and sustainable farming. Even better, maintaining excellent soil health actually helps to…

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Is Soy Gluten Free?

“Is soy gluten-free?” may be a question you’ve had, especially if you have an intolerance or allergy to gluten. Soy…

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Are GMO Foods Safe?

Are GMO foods safe? This is a question many people have and it’s important to know the facts. Many farmers…

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Deep Dish Pizza Recipe in a Cast Iron Skillet

This deep-dish pizza recipe is as easy as homemade pizza gets! We love pizza night but sometimes you have to…

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Celebrate Earth Day: 5 Things to Do at Home

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we brainstormed 5 ways you can celebrate Earth Day from home this…

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Soybeans in Aquafeed: Prairie AquaTech and SD Soybeans

Soybeans in aquafeed are just another way that South Dakota soybeans are being used to create another sustainable product. Prairie…

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Biodiesel: A Sustainable Source in South Dakota

Biodiesel is just one of the ways South Dakota soybean farmers are utilizing their crops. This renewable energy source is…

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Savory Bacon Deviled Eggs Recipe

A good deviled eggs recipe is among the most classic favorites for the holidays, parties, and gatherings. Even though South…

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Raising Cattle: An Animal Love Story with Drew Peterson

The Peterson family farm has been around in South Dakota for 120 years now and it has progressed in that…

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Brent Greenway’s Pizza Burger Recipe

Looking for a way to spice up your burgers at home? Local pork producer, Brent Greenway shared his family’s pork…

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