3 Ways Soybean Asphalt Sealant is Beneficial

South Dakota soybean farmers are always searching for new ways to utilize soybeans in beneficial and sustainable ways. One of the newest methods is increasing the longevity of roads by applying a soybean asphalt sealant. Here are 3 ways soybean asphalt sealant is beneficial.

1. Soybean asphalt sealant makes roads stronger

Asphalt is known to crack under extreme weather, a downfall we all know too well. The alternative is soybean asphalt sealant. This solution is made up of oils and soy that is sprayed on the roads. Part of that solution also acts as a UV protector, which helps prevents the asphalt from breaking down over time. That good old South Dakota weather gives extreme hot and cold weather, both of which are now less likely to cause cracks in the road.


This soybean spray waterproofs the roads which further aids in preserving the roads. With these additions, roads with soybean spray could last five to nine years longer than normal. That means less frequent road work and that’s a win!

2. Farmers are supported

This new product allows for further collaboration between businesses and farmers. When businesses and cities are able to move another soybean-based product, soybean farmers benefit. Overall, more innovation in the soy world leads to more value for our soybean farmers.


In Sioux Falls, Bargen Inc. is teaming up with South Dakota soybean farmers to create this soybean-based product, specifically called RePlay. Partnerships like this provide long-term opportunities for South Dakota farmers.

3. Soybean asphalt is a cheaper option

We’re used to hearing that the sustainable option is often the more expensive option. However, this is not the case with this soybean innovation. It’s estimated that soybean asphalt sealant can save $3000 per lane mile of paving.

This option is also cheaper for taxpayers. Less road maintenance means less taxpayer money spent. Win, win, win!

Believe it or not, soybean asphalt sealant is not the only soybean technology on the road. Check out our blog on Soybeans on The Road for even more soybean innovation!